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Improve your IT system management with Kenovy, your trusted consulting and IT solutions partner for digital transformation. We'll help define your digital strategy, identify tech innovation opportunities, and comprehensively manage your computer projects

We develop customized digital solutions, such as mobile apps, software platforms, dashboards for Industry 4.0, and integrations for IoT Industry with OPC-UA, MQTT, and proprietary protocols. We offer consulting services and IoT solution implementation to monitor and manage business processes, assets, and resources more efficiently​

We provide advanced solutions to optimize business processes using process mining and EMS technology. Our expertise includes process automation, digital documentation, and data analysis to help companies digitize their operations.

Transform your business with AI, machine learning, in-memory computing, and SaaS tech. We offer consulting, implementation, and end-to-end solutions. Our innovative platforms for asset and facility management improve operations efficiency.

Our training and support services empower individuals and organizations to confidently use digital solutions for optimized productivity, efficiency, and ROI. We're committed to ensuring our clients thrive in the digital age with the necessary knowledge and skills.



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