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Certified OpenAPI partner for API services integration

Our OpenAPI Consulting Services

Seamlessly Bridge Services with OpenAPI and Harness the Full Potential of Italy’s Largest API Marketplace

OpenAPI serves as the nexus between an extensive array of services and your platform, e-commerce endeavors, or applications. Unlock the treasure trove of reliable, high-quality data that lies within. With effortless integration, you can seamlessly connect to services like Poste Italiane, Chamber of Commerce, Revenue Agency, INPS, and numerous others. Access over 378 services via API with complimentary calls – all expertly managed through a unified dashboard for your convenience.

Kenovy takes pride in being your certified OpenAPI partner, extending comprehensive support for API integration services. Our Certified Partner status underlines our prowess and proficiency in integrating OpenAPI APIs, bolstered by the esteemed OpenAPI Certified badge. This badge signifies our commitment to delivering an elevated level of assistance and professionalism to you.

Choosing Kenovy as an OpenAPI Certified Partner means growing your company with the support of qualified experts

Why Opt for Kenovy as Your OpenAPI Certified Partner? 

  • Simplify Integration: Bypass the necessity for an in-house developer team. Our experts adeptly handle all technical aspects, conserving your time and resources.

  • Accelerate Integration: Leveraging our OpenAPI API expertise, we slash integration timelines, expediting your desired outcomes.

  • Cost Savings: Sidestep production costs linked to recruiting a dedicated development team or in-house skill training.

  • Cutting-Edge Solutions: Our alignment with fresh solutions and optimal practices in the realm of OpenAPI APIs assures you of value-driven options.

  • Elevated Quality Assurance: We stand as the epitome of API integration expertise, backed by the esteemed OpenAPI Certified Partner badge. This assurance translates into superior solutions and access to certified professionals specializing in OpenAPI implementations.

Our elite team of professionals, armed with substantial experience in integrating OpenAPI APIs, undergoes periodic verification, ensuring the pinnacle of service quality.

If the challenges of developing your own digital platform are daunting, Kenovy not only aids in OpenAPI API integration but also assists in solution design, development, and ongoing enhancements.

From integration to design, development, and marketing, Kenovy ensures your holistic growth journey. Our offerings encompass crafting unique value propositions and effectively managing your sales team.

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