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Digital Engineering for the Next-Gen Customer Experience

In my last interview with StraightTalk, an award-winning thought leadership platform, sponsored by HCL Technologies, which showcases the experience-based insights of CIOs, CTOs, and other senior technology executives, I answered 5 key questions about Next-Gen Customer Experience.

The discussion took place on the Twitter channel of Straight Talk (@CTOStraightTalk) via the Twitter Chat which was attended by many experts in the sector like Avrohom Gottheil, Helen Yu, Sarah Burnett, Ian Moyse, mike d. kail and Mark Thiele

CTO Straight Talk is a place where CTOs and senior product engineering leaders can meet to spark conversations, professional insights and thought leadership. The hashtag you can follow on social networks to remain updated about digital technologies and learn from industry experts is #STinsights.

The discussion focused on how companies are reexamining the entire value chain to address the challenges and provide their next-generation customers with flawless satisfaction.


The Panelist

Digital Leaders experts

Giuliano LiguoriAvrohom Gottheil, Helen Yu, Sarah Burnett, Ian Moyse, mike d. kail and Mark Thiele

Questions & Answers

Below the questions and my answers that I tried to enrich with some illustrations

Q1. What are the latest ways that digital technology is changing customer expectations?
A1. Companies should always strive to improve their ability to meet the most important part of the chain – customer expectations. Of course, digital technologies play a main role in delivering relevant and instantaneous results, anytime, anywhere

Q2. How do you create a digital customer experience that meets those heightened expectations?
A2. The only way for companies to stay competitive is to think carefully about how technology is affected by customer-oriented business models and then they need to find more efficient and effective ways to meet and understand their expectations

Q3. What are 3 essential engineering components of an enhanced customer experience?
A3. It’s essential to adopt a technology strategy based on the holistic consumer lifecycle, paying equal heed to online and offline preferences, in order to ensure that consumers will have an amazing and consistent experience at every touchpoint

Q4. What are the top current challenges to offering a top-notch digital experience?
A4. Companies that successfully embrace and adopt digital transformation perform better and do well overall. The smart use of digital platforms can help to better perceive what customers want and so delivering them a top-notch digital experience

Q4Q5. What are some examples of brands offering a seamless digital customer journey?
A5. Companies that have been able to relate business silos have exploited the potential of their customers’ data, predicting their future needs and driving continuous improvements by creating key business benefits for both them and their customers