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Huawei Unveils Impressive 5G Solutions at MWC 2023 in Barcelona

  • Gigaverse Initiative (Continuous evolution from Gbit/s to 10 Gbit/s, and then to Tbit/s);
  • Ultra-automation Speed Up (Continuous upgrade of ADN toward L4 and L5 autonomy);
  • Intelligent Computing and Network as a Service (Intelligent Computing & Network as a Service — Iterative evolution from computing-network collaboration to computing-network convergence, and then to computing-network integration);
  • Differentiated Experience On-demand (Continuously realizing network value through upgrades from deterministic services to on-demand services, and capability innovation from communications to sensing);
  • ESG More Bits, Less Watts (Green solutions enable sustainable development of the digital economy).
  • Huawei’s Green DC solution focuses on constructing zero-carbon data centers that comprehensively evaluate data centers from multiple dimensions such as Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE), Chilled Water Usage Effectiveness (CUE), and Water Usage Effectiveness (WUE). The cooling technology used in the data centers is a key element of this solution, and Huawei has launched two cooling solutions — the indirect evaporative cooling solution and the extended-range cooling solution. The solutions make full use of natural cooling sources, reducing PUE and WUE, thus ensuring energy efficiency.
  • The Green Site solution focuses on providing wireless equipment that utilizes intelligent power-saving, enhanced dormancy, and millisecond-level intelligent power optimization. The solution reduces energy consumption by 5%–10% and approaches the “Zero Bit, Zero Watt” target, thus maximizing energy savings.
  • The Green Network solution delivers optimal network energy efficiency through an all-optical deployment and intelligent automation for all scenarios. The system enables idle resources to hibernate and adapt to network loads, ensuring that network energy consumption aligns with traffic volume change trends.
  • Finally, the Green Operation solution is driven by big data and AI technologies, using network management platforms such as NetEco and NCE to collect real-time network traffic and energy consumption data. These platforms systematically display indicators such as energy consumption, energy efficiency, and carbon emissions of all network equipment, helping carriers achieve their green and carbon reduction targets through refined green operations.