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Huawei’s Ransomware Protection Storage Solution: The Ultimate Defence Against Cyberthreats

Ransomware attacks have emerged as a significant and devastating cybersecurity threat in recent years, causing substantial financial and reputational damage to businesses and organizations worldwide. In the face of these escalating cyberthreats, the implementation of advanced security measures to safeguard data has become paramount for enterprises. Recognizing this critical need, Huawei, a global technology leader, has developed a ground-breaking solution to combat ransomware attacks: the Ransomware Protection Storage Solution.

This article delves into the background of ransomware attacks, highlighting their increasing prevalence and the significant impact they have on businesses. It emphasizes the crucial role that storage plays as the last line of defence for data security in the event of a ransomware attack. In response to these challenges, Huawei has pioneered the Ransomware Protection Storage Solution, which offers organizations a comprehensive and robust defence mechanism.

Furthermore, this article provides an in-depth overview of Huawei’s Ransomware Protection Storage Solution, including its recent major updates. These updates reflect Huawei’s commitment to continuous innovation and staying ahead of the evolving ransomware landscape. By exploring the features and capabilities of this solution, readers gain valuable insights into how Huawei is effectively addressing the pressing challenges posed by ransomware attacks.

Background: Ransomware Attacks Become the Biggest Cybersecurity Threat

Ransomware attacks have become increasingly prevalent and sophisticated in the digital era. These attacks involve hackers encrypting a victim’s data and demanding payment, often in cryptocurrency, in exchange for the decryption key. If the victim refuses to pay, their data may be permanently lost or published online, leading to devastating consequences for the victim’s business operations and finances.

In recent years, ransomware attacks have targeted critical infrastructure, major corporations, and government agencies, resulting in billions of dollars in damages and significant disruptions. High-profile victims have included hospitals, cities, school districts, manufacturing plants, global shipping conglomerates, and more. The attackers demand enormous ransoms, sometimes millions of dollars, and the victims often have no choice but to pay to regain access to their paralyzed systems. The increasing frequency and severity of these attacks, particularly against vital organizations, highlight the urgent need for advanced security measures to protect vulnerable yet valuable data and systems from the growing threat of ransomware.

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Insight: Storage Is the Last Line of Defence for Data Security

In a world where ransomware attacks are a constant threat, organizations must prioritize data security. One integral aspect of data security is storage, as it is often the last line of defence against cyberthreats. Effective storage solutions must detect ransomware attacks, protect valuable data, and swiftly recover compromised information.

Huawei’s Ransomware Protection Storage Solution is specifically designed to address these challenges, providing a robust and intelligent security system to safeguard data from ransomware attacks. This solution covers Storage Area Network (SAN), Network-Attached Storage (NAS), and backup storage scenarios and uses key technologies like storage encryption, Air-GAP, secure snapshot, and Write Once Read Many (WORM) to implement data anti-tampering, security detection, and secure recovery.

The solution also features end-to-end data encryption, encrypting data at the protocol layer and during replication to ensure data confidentiality and integrity. Moreover, the solution leverages Air-GAP replication to periodically replicate data copies from the production or backup storage to an isolated environment, minimizing the risk of data exposure. Additionally, the solution supports file system WORM and secure snapshot, preventing data modification or deletion within a specified time range. Finally, the solution employs ransomware detection to monitor abnormal changes in metadata copies and alert users to potential attacks.

With Huawei’s Ransomware Protection Storage Solution, organizations can build a highly secure protection system with primary and backup storage, enhancing their data security and business continuity against ransomware threats.

Three Major Updates of Huawei Ransomware Protection Storage Solution

Huawei recently held the Innovative Data Infrastructure Forum 2023 in Munich, Germany. During the Forum, Huawei pointed out that with the increasing value of enterprise data, ransomware is constantly evolving, with the number of ransomware attacks growing at 98% annually. Therefore, enterprises need to comprehensively improve data resilience to unlock data value.

To help enterprises improve data resilience and provide a comprehensive security solution, Huawei Ransomware Protection Storage Solution has recently undergone several significant updates, including OceanCyber, full support for ransomware protection of unstructured data, and network-storage collaboration for comprehensive protection.

Image Credit Huawei

OceanCyber: Unified, Intelligent Data Security

OceanCyber is a key component of Huawei’s Ransomware Protection Storage Solution, offering a unified and intelligent data security platform. This platform uses advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and big data analytics to proactively detect and respond to ransomware attacks.

With OceanCyber, organizations benefit from 99.9% ransomware identification, ensuring quick identification and addressing of potential threats. In addition, OceanCyber’s proactive defence mechanisms help prevent ransomware attacks from infiltrating an organization’s data storage systems.

OceanStor Dorado + OceanStor Pacific: Full Support for Ransomware Protection of Unstructured Data

The combination of OceanStor Dorado and OceanStor Pacific provides comprehensive support for ransomware protection of unstructured data. With this update, Huawei’s Ransomware Protection Storage Solution now offers ransomware protection capabilities for various storage types, including NAS, object, and big data.

This expanded support ensures organizations can effectively protect their unstructured data and maintain information integrity, regardless of storage format.

Network-Storage Collaboration for Comprehensive Protection: 6-Layer Ransomware Protection Solution

Based on Ransomware Protection Storage Solution, Huawei’s new multilayer ransomware protection turns to data protection capabilities that are based on network-storage collaboration, with two-layer protection on the network side and four-layer protection on the storage side, providing comprehensive data protection for organizations. This multi-layered approach ensures data remains secure and accessible, even against sophisticated ransomware attacks. The 6-layer ransomware protection includes:

Ransomware Prevention Network Defense-line:

  • Layer 1: intrusion prevention at the network border
  • Layer 2: spread prevention inside the network

Ransomware Protection Storage Defense-line:

  • Layer 1: ransomware detection and interception on production storage
  • Layer 2: second-level recovery using secure snapshots on production storage
  • Layer 3: rapid recovery on local backup storage
  • Layer 4: rapid recovery using secure data in Air-GAP


Ransomware attacks continue to pose a significant threat to organizations worldwide, making it crucial for enterprises to invest in advanced security solutions to protect their valuable data. Huawei’s Ransomware Protection Storage Solution offers a comprehensive and innovative approach to data security, equipping organizations with the necessary tools to defend against ransomware attacks and ensure data integrity.

With recent updates, Huawei’s Ransomware Protection Storage Solution has become even more effective in detecting and preventing ransomware attacks, enabling organizations to maintain data availability and integrity. By implementing this cutting-edge solution, enterprises can have peace of mind knowing that their storage systems are equipped to handle the ever-evolving cyberthreat landscape.

In an era where cyberthreats are constantly evolving and becoming more sophisticated, having a reliable and advanced solution like Huawei’s Ransomware Protection Storage Solution is crucial for organizations to stay one step ahead of ransomware attacks. By prioritizing data security and implementing state-of-the-art protection measures, enterprises can significantly reduce the risk of falling victim to these devastating attacks and safeguard their valuable data.

In summary, Huawei’s Ransomware Protection Storage Solution is a game-changer in data security. With its innovative features such as 99.9% accurate identification, 6-layer comprehensive protection, and rapid recovery, this solution offers unparalleled protection against ransomware attacks. As the digital landscape continues to evolve and ransomware threats become increasingly prevalent, organizations can rely on Huawei’s Ransomware Protection Storage Solution to provide the ultimate defence against these cyberthreats. By investing in Huawei’s Ransomware Protection Storage Solution, organizations can secure their data, protect their reputation, and ensure operational continuity in the face of ever-growing cyberthreats. This solution is a game-changer, offering unparalleled protection against ransomware attacks in an era where cyberthreats are constantly evolving.