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The Corporate Digital Network – The Full Interview

In this interview, I joined Engati CX to discuss the Corporate Digital Network.

Most of the traditional companies are still hesitant to adapt to automation. What according to you can bring a change in their thinking?

I think that in the vision of each company there is the desire to become a company that solves the problems of society. And brings happiness and well-being to as many people as possible. Before the past two decades, companies were accustomed to thinking in terms of mass production and industrialization, later on, they have been starting to learn how to address new challenges in order to leverage the growth of digital technology.

We know that in an increasingly competitive world, things change quickly, successful organizations can rapidly fail whether they don’t adjust their strategy to the new conditions.

For this reason, companies must have a deep understanding of the business in which they operate, how they are evolving, and the new innovations that they could embrace or build to remain competitive and conquer new market segments.

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‍Since you are an expert in helping companies transform digitally. How do you think that AI plays an effective role in the decision-making process?

As the use of technology advances, there is above all one thing that we must not lose sight of the importance of trust, trusting technology and data. In Artificial Intelligence, we need to make a clear commitment to the ethics of artificial intelligence and continue working to contribute to a sustainable society and drive transformation.

‍Which industries will have the most impact when thinking about the digital revolution?

In order to remain competitive, modern companies must keep pace with the digital revolution, exploiting the use of these smart technologies and integrating them into corporate digital networks. The huge amount of data generated can be processed and transformed into strategic information for the benefit of production and, therefore, of the business.

Companies that are understanding the importance of data and are learning how to leverage transformation will have a positive impact by embracing the digital revolution.

‍How are businesses facilitating customer service with AI-powered conversational agents and other technologies? How do you think it will benefit their own employees too?

This service must be based on a full understanding of the real problem that customers face and must work to support them in the search for the solution they expect.

Innovation is a lovely word, it is everywhere.

We are working in the most challenging times in our career, no matter where we are, we must deal with that challenge. Workers must act in order to develop greater awareness about the importance of innovation and the willingness to change.

‍How do you see 5G technology change the business scenario?

The 5G network will drive disruptive change and transformation across all industries by bringing together wireless connectivity, mobility, IoT, cloud computing and big data.

‍What kind of steps would small businesses have to take to ensure that they keep running in this situation of lockdowns?

The current COVID-19 pandemic poses not only health-related questions and challenges but also a paradigm shift in our way of living and relating to others. Companies cannot afford to suspend operations and wait for returning to normality. Business must continue!

Many firms are proposing technologies that empower agile work. However, technology isn’t the only enabling element. We must promote strategies and good practices to guarantee the health and safety of workers and at the same time assure the security and protection of data and information.

‍Do you have any other thoughts that you’d like to share with us?

As the world becomes more complex and we become a digital society, companies and organizations, no matter how large or small they are, must face the fact that they can no longer handle this change alone. They need an ecosystem of reliable partners to face the complex challenges of digital transformation. Companies must create a digital culture and develop a very strong vision. Digital companies must set goals in the direction of offering valuable solutions to both their customers and their employees. This way they will have the chance to grow and take part in the digital transformation of tomorrow’s world.

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We hope you learned a lot about and about the corporate digital network.  Engati CX will be back with a new expert in a new episode soon. Stay tuned.

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