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Introducing Kenovy, the Key of Innovation

Our name reflects exactly what we are, a company with a strong commitment to innovation that, with a multidisciplinary and systematic approach, aim to support our customers manage complex digital transformation projects, learning how to collaborate with smart machines, driving growth, and establishing a strong online presence.

Kenovy, the Key of Innovation

Innovate, elevate, succeed

The digital era has radically transformed the business world, with technology becoming increasingly disruptive in every aspect of business operations. This is where the challenge begins to stay updated and competitive. This is where we come into play, as we love challenges and consider our client’s success as our own.

Values and Commitments

We are committed to providing our customers with innovative and cutting-edge solutions, thanks to our constant research and development of new technologies and methods. Our innovative drive allows us to offer high-quality products and services that stand out for their excellence compared to the competition.


The pace of change in the world is rapid, and businesses need to be agile in order to meet future challenges. Kenovy is your partner in anticipating emerging trends and adapting to new market demands. Whether it’s digitizing production processes or managing complex data, we are equipped to take on the toughest challenges and help you achieve your digital transformation goals.
Discover how we can help you overcome the obstacles of tomorrow.


Process Mining

Our process mining technology enables you to analyze and optimize business processes to maximize efficiency and productivity

In-memory Computing

Take advantage of our in-memory computing solutions to simplify your digital transformation and accelerate the development of new digital services

Asset & Facility Mgmt

Our asset management services include cataloguing, monitoring, reporting, and inventory management. Our goal is to help organizations reduce costs and optimize the use of their assets

We are always looking for new and exciting partners to expand our offerings and provide our clients with the most innovative and cutting–edge solutions in the industry

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